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Launch of Patreon!

Hey Everybody! Hope this post finds you all well and healthy. Words cannot begin to describe what we all are feeling in these strange times. The world has changed forever and we all must stick together and learn to adapt and prepare for what is coming. Those of you that follow me closely have been hearing rumors of me starting a Patreon and I am proud to say I have finally launched it! One good thing that has come from this shelter-in-place is it has given me the extra time to really dive in and get my online content put together so that I can offer up an exclusive platform where my supporters can join and help me continue my craft and also allow me to provide work exclusively tailored to my loyal patrons. It only costs $3 a month and that will include access to all my video content as well as special offers and exclusive gifts that you can only get as a patron! It will also be the exclusive platform for the showing of my virtual art showcase "Vision Seeker 2020".

A major part of my work has been sidelined due to the virus outbreak so I have had to adapt and pivot to make my artwork continue to work for me. With your help I will be able to continue to produce for you all to enjoy. Check out the video above and then head on over to my patreon at the link below to sign up and show your support. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more regular postings. I'll make sure to keep you all inspired with new artwork and informed with thoughtful posts to get through this crazy time we live in. Stay safe and healthy out there!


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