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"A master of all crafts from woodburning, painting, drawing, tattoo etc. A great person and man sharing knowledge and truth through art, what a story that can be captured only by this master artist."

—  Mike F. , Musician/Producer


Working as a professional artist for the past decade has brought me into contact with some of the most amazing friends I could have ever imagined. I truly only walk this path because of the support and trust of those I work with. Everything you see here is my life's passion and every morning I wake up thankful that I am able to chase my passion and work to create lasting memories for the people I work with. I look forward to working with you.


-Arsenio Baca

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Abby L., Event Coordinator

"After going through the tattoo experience with Arsenio, I wouldn't think twice about going to anyone else to get tattoo work done. Arsenio is one of the most remarkable artists, if not THE most remarkable artist, that I know. His work is incredible, and the precision and detail that he puts into his pieces are unbelievable. In addition to his talent, Arsenio is an absolute pleasure to work with. He intently listened to me as I told the story behind the piece that I wanted tattooed on my body and was willing to adjust his drafts until the piece was everything that I had envisioned - and he NAILED it! I was astounded by how perfectly he was able to create the piece I described to him. Furthermore, during each tattooing session, Arsenio offered a comfortable space, a gentle touch, and an ear to listen. I swear a tattooing session with him doubles as a quality talk-therapy session too! Overall, I HIGHLY recommend Arsenio and his work. Thanks to him, the EXACT image I envisioned in my mind is now tattooed onto my back, and I get SO many compliments on the piece when I have it exposed. This piece has given me strength, brought me comfort, and made me feel empowered, and it's all thanks to Arsenio. He is, hands down, the best!"

"It's always a pleasure when you work with a master of their craft. I've mind dropped massive idea bombs on Mr. Baca, to see what he comes up with as I can only describe as "WOW". I've been blown away by a number of his pieces. My personal fav is a mermaid he painted on an apron. Not your average seashells and cockles I must say. But rather a view from the bluest of oceans with the sunlight being eclipsed by a shadow of a mermaid. The mermaid is blacked out but still the detail is perfect. You can look at it for hours and come up with so many ideas of what you're looking at and how this point of view came to be just that."

Been a great year with my brother _varci
Mike F., Musician/ Producer
Rich B., Massage Therapist

"Had nothing short of a professionally pleasant experience during each session."

"I trust Arsenio fully and completely with all my tattoo work. He is exceptionally talented and I can say that with decades of understanding since I’ve seen Arsenio create masterpieces as early as 8th grade. I will continue to work with Arsenio with future tattoo designs as I plan to expand my back piece over the shoulders and arms. His attention to detail is incredible and that’s not coming just from me or his other clients, but from the many encounters I’ve had with people who’ve admired my back piece. I’m so happy to have Arsenio as my friend and tattoo artist, I wouldn’t want it any other way."

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Vahram K., Educator
Arsenio-KS-Ride the Wave-Painting - Kris
Kristen S., Event Consultant

"I absolutely LOVE this painting!! I had talked with Arsenio about needing a piece of artwork to hang in my office - something to bring some life to our boring white walls. I told him that I love sailboats and love the water and sure enough, he did not disappoint! Arsenio created this magical beautify that was so colorful, yet warm and comfortable. I could stare at it for hours just being sucked into the layers and story created. It brought a sense of calm when you look at it, which is amazing because I have a very stressful job that can take off and run sometimes. This painting brings me solace in times of need and brings my happiness 24/7."

"Arsenio is an amazing artist and truly cares about the people that he does work for. He took my vision of wanting a palm tree and dream catcher and created a beautiful piece of art that I get to look at and cherish for all of my days to come. He listened to what I was looking for and took his time to create something incredibly unique and represents me perfectly. The entire experience was a dream - creative, professional, kind, thoughtful, timely, always makes you feel as comfortable as possible - and just genuinely a pleasant person to be around. I cannot imagine going through anyone else to help create something beautiful and permanent to put on my body."

She told me it couldn't be done! Palm tr
Another recent cover up. Done on the ank
Jackie I.

"I was amazed at the out come of my tattoo by Arsenio. I sent him a photo of a framed picture that had the design of what I wanted him to tattoo on my ankle. I wanted him to cover up a previous tattoo with this new one. He took that photo and hand drew the design exactly as it was pictured in the photo for my approval. When the tattoo was done I was blown away at the talent this man has. He was recommended to me by a close friend and I have to say the experience was beyond my expectations."

"I've been getting tatted by Arsenio since his started. I like simple, one color, logo based tattoos. I can literally go just about anywhere and get the same quality of work for my tats but I always go to him because he exemplifies ink therapy. While being jabbed by a needle, Arsenio and I talk about everything from movies to art to nature. I always leave his chair, or sometimes table, feeling spiritually recharged. Although, I almost headbutted him once but his needle was touching my throat so..."

Dylan G.
Yanira H.

"Awesome! Every step of my tat was great really considerate and took the time to figure out exactly what was going to happen. I really like how he would let me know ahead of time to schedule a time to do another session."

"I don't even know where to start but the first word that comes to mind is amazing. Not only is Arsenio an exceptional artist, he is also an extremely talented visionary. What started as a partial cover up and working around a previous tattoo became a piece of artwork that I only ever imagined in my dreams. He created an entire sleeve, that represents my ancestors history, and also incorporates my present loved ones while capturing the essence of love and empowerment that I wanted so badly to be represented. I cant rave enough about his talents, I feel incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with him, truly believe he is the only person that could have made my art dreams come to life. Thank YOU Arsenio!!"

Barbee B.
IMG_3037(1) - Clifford Seaholm.JPG
Laura S.

"I was very nervous to be getting my first (so far!) tattoo at the age of 60. But Arsenio made the entire process exciting and easy. I had only the vaguest idea of what I wanted (a hummingbird), so Arsenio drew three potential sketches for me well in advance of my appointment. They were all so good and unique that it was hard to choose! I asked for a slight change to my favorite sketch, which he willingly accommodated. The day of my appointment, Arsenio put me right at ease with his kind and calm approach. He walked me through what to expect, we decided on placement and size, and then he went to work. I couldn't be happier with the result. Arsenio is an extremely skilled artist, and my hummingbird looks wonderful on my ankle. The detail is exquisite. In fact, I have had so many compliments that several of my friends have expressed an interest in getting a tattoo from Arsenio as well. I give Arsenio my highest recommendation."

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